Import Roam backups in JSON or EDN format, so that block-level links/references are preserved


As advised in another thread I am making a post here to request a plugin that imports backups in JSON or EDN format from Roam.

Currently the Roam importer can handle their Markdown format backups. But while these backups do preserve links between entire pages, they do not preserve references and embeds of blocks. I guess it’s only recently that Obsidian began to support this feature so it would not have been relevant until then. But now it would be good if users moving away from Roam could bring their block-level references with them somehow.

For this a plugin would have to import either the JSON or the EDN format backups. The EDN format is Roam’s ‘high-fidelity’ backup format that preserves the most information and can be used to completely restore a Roam graph in all the details (allegedly), but it may be harder to parse.

There are other services that offer the ability to import Roam JSON backups. For example, offers this ability.

Here is a guide to Roam’s JSON format I found: - some information is lost but it still preserves more than the EDN format