Import OmniOutliner and/or OPML documents

Use case or problem

I want to switch from OmniOutliner to Obsidian for note taking, but have 10 years of notes from research and talks in OmniOutline that I would like to take with me. Obsidian would finally allow me to cross link those notes. Unfortunately, OmniOutliner’s markdown export option sucks.

Proposed solution

Provide import option for OmniOutliner documents, or at least for the OPML format to which OmniOutliner can export itself. OPML 2.0

Current workaround (optional)

Copy and Paste by hand. This implies lots of reformatting necessary afterwords as levels and formats get get messed up a lot. With lots of notes, it’s unfeasible.

Related feature requests (optional)

I didn’t find any.


Omni group products are a closed system. Do not allow export to other formats/apps.

Another vote for the ability to import in OPML format. Many mindmap apps export to OPML as well so that could be additionally useful, especially with the Mind Map plugin in Obsidian.


I don’t think that’s entirely true. The formats aren’t used by other apps, but there are plenty of export options: OmniOutliner into OPML, OmniFocus into Taskpaper, etc.

@fragefrank Logseq added OPML file import last week.

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Freeplane mindmaps can also be exported as OPML.

It is kind of entirely true. I completely stopped working with OmniFocus on Mac, because there is absolutely no integration with macOS apps or with other apps on a mac. The import of Calender is one direction, and the interface of OmniFocus is not intuitive and not mac like at all. Export just .txt html or csv. OmniGoup products are a closed system.

Hello there! Don’t know if there’s some news on this issue…but I critically need to export marginnotes annotations to Omnioutliner and from there to Obsidian…I know there’s a MN add-on to do it but it is on a note per note level and as I have quite a number of papers annotated that I’d like to export it could become a mare…
I found on the internet this script to export OPML to markdown but I have no skills to tweak it to make it work in Obsidian. Anyone out there interested in tweaking it?
here’s the link: