Import of a CSS/HTML/JS slider bar into obsidian. Source code included

Hello all,

This is a big ask and a bit of a coding challenge, but for those of you who are familiar with CSS & HTML, I am requesting assistance on the import of the slider bar. This website contains the video I got the source code from as the tutorial video I watched.

I have imported the CSS as a snippet, and have added the .js and .html files as needed. I have been able to successfully launch the slider within a markdown file in obsidian, however, I am unsure of a way to call the js function within the file to make the slider dynamic. I had a look at this page but it wasn’t a lot of help either.

Also, interestingly enough, the snippet changes ALL of the sliders within the theme I’m using… which… I don’t really appreciate it, though this isn’t that serious of a problem.

For reference, I know nothing about coding :smiley: .

Any help would be so appreciated. My plan is to eventually turn this into a slider bar plugin that would make it super easy to implement one wherever in Obsidian.

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