Import markdown notes to Upnote and maintain formatting

I have a vault of over 20,000 markdown notes.

I’m trying to transfer my large vault to Upnote.
Due to search speed being too slow within Obsidian.

Upnote allows importing of markdown files.

However, it loses the indentation between lines.
So all text lines are squished together.

Importing .txt files does not have this problem. I could convert all MD files to .TXT files then import into upnote but then the markdown formatting of the hyperlinks becomes non-desireable.

Is there a workaround? Maybe I have to find a way to get all my notes into evernote, then export to .ENEX format then import that into Upnote?

Anyone ever switch from obsidian to upnote?

This is such a pain.

I’m still going to use Obsidian, but with a new vault so it’s speedy.

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly. But I suspect you may have a problem with the end of lines :

  • In “regular” Markdown, paragraphs are separated by white lines and successive lines are compacted into a single paragraph.
  • In some Markdown implementations — Obsidian among them —, it is possible to have a “return” character to be interpreted as a true “new line” inside the same paragraph. It is controlled by this option in the Obsidian “Editor” settings :

  • As it is non standard, it’s quite common for another Markdown implementation to ignore the new line characters at the end of seccessive lines and to render these lines as a compact paragraph.

If this is your problem, I’d advise you to use a tool like BBEdit to find all the “end of lines” inside successive lines and to add two spaces after them, which is the official way of marking a “new line” in Markdown. BBEdit is totally capable of doing this in all the .md files of a folder.

Olivier :-{)

Wow, that’s so very helpful!
Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac. Is there a BBEdit software alternative that can do what you recommended? (find all the “end of lines” inside successive lines and to add two spaces after them).
And I need it to be able to bulk edit markdown files within a folder.

I asked ChatGPT. This is what it recommended to me:
For the task you described, you can use a code editor or a text editor that supports regular expressions (regex) to search and replace the “end of lines” within successive lines and add two spaces after them. One such software that you can use is “Visual Studio Code” (VS Code).

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform the task in Visual Studio Code:

Install Visual Studio Code:
If you don’t have it already, you can download and install Visual Studio Code from the official website:

Open your folder containing markdown files:
Launch Visual Studio Code and open the folder that contains the markdown files you want to process.

Enable Regular Expression Search:
In the search bar (Ctrl+Shift+F or Cmd+Shift+F), click on the icon with the three dots (ellipsis) to the right of the search bar, and check the “Use Regular Expression” option.

Search for “end of lines” within successive lines:
In the search bar, use the following regex pattern to find the “end of lines” within successive lines

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