Import large Notion Database stuck

What I’m trying to do

Finally I want to move from Notion to Obsidian. The plugin “Obsidian Importer” comes in handy with this task. I tried some of my databases (smaller chunks of data) to get familiar with the plugin and the results it created.
Everything works fine on smaller chunks.

BUT: when I try to import the whole Notion Database (14500+ documents, 4,5 GB), the import seems to stuck and does nothing after counting the files.
I was patient and just waitet for 2 hours to see something happening. But the dialog just sits there and does nothing:

Things I have tried

  • importing smaller chunks (up to 1000 documents), and this got successfully imported
  • but this smaller chunks lack of inter-database connections, so I decided to download my Notion vault at once - to keep all connections alive
  • importing into a clean Obsidian Vault
  • patiently waiting for the importer to do its thing

Test import - with missing connections - each bubble represents a individual database export - but in reality they should be all interconnected. (Heavy Notion user here)

I haven’t done this sort of thing but in the meantime, you can try alternative means or look around:

In other words, try searching the forum with alternative cue words, e.g. migrate, migration, etc.

Also, on the internet:

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