Import Gridsome tags?

I’ve had Obsidian for like ten minutes, so apologies if this is obvious… First possible use is with the Posts on my Gridsome blog. All files are markdown, and show up in Obsidian. But not the links. Gridsome links are like:
tags: [‘Gender’, ‘Ethnicity’]

I suppose if I knew enough js I could change that, but probably not in this lifetime. I see a “Roam Research tag fixer”:
Converts #tag and #[[tag]] to [[tag]] .

But if that did work, it clearly changes my files so Gridsome can’t use them. Is there some way to hack Obsidian to recognize the Gridsome tag format - without changing the actual markdown files?

Do those tags show up in text at the top of the file?

Possible import plugin.

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Yes, the top of each post sets up various “Index page” items:

title: Gender Expectations
date: 1952-09-01
tags: ['Gender', 'Ethnicity']
cover_image: ./images/human-X-Y.jpg
canonical_url: false
description: "&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 🧒 &nbsp; Clues about self-perception and relationship to the world...  <br />
&nbsp; <br />

When I returned to town, I was forced to play the gender game. 

As in that’s a feature request? Or one is in the works?

It says, “You will receive notifications because you created this topic.” But I guess only while the forum is open in a browser? Any way to get eMail?