Import from nvALT Not Working

I am running 0.9.22. I’ve been using since 0.9.15. I have a Notes folder on Dropbox with about 1600 .md or .txt files created while using nvALT. Whenever I try to Open Folder as Vault, I only get about 10 of these 1600 files. Even though “local” on my Dropbox macOS, I’ve also tried moving folder to Desktop and deleted nvALT’s notes and settings txt file. Still no luck so I can’t test Obsidian thoroughly. Help would be appreciated.

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I don’t think we have a function to import from nvalt. So I am not sure what are you referreing to?

For sure, we don’t recognize .txt so you have to rename those to end in .md before moving to obsidian

Thanks so much. nvALT just reads .md or .txt in a directory, so it’s nothing proprietary to the app–it’s basically just displaying .txt or .md files. Upon checking, the majority of the files are .txt so this helps. Though since they’re so interchangeable, I’m a bit surprised Obsidian can’t import text files. I’ll revise extensions then try again. Thanks again.

the reason we keep only .md is because we use the filename as “unique id” of the file. If a note can have the same filename but two extentensions (txt and md) it can create ambiguity.

Understood. Helpful. I know I can search for one, but can you recommend a batch .txt to .md conversion tool? A cursory glance with apps like Bear don’t show a file import conversion option (which I’d then import into Obsidian).

Related, would Obsidian consider a conversion feature for any folder with .txt files? I know you have import functions for more proprietary type apps, but in this case (nvALT), the files are just being displayed by the app. 1Writer is an iOS example that can simply show any folder with .txt or .md files. I hope this makes sense. Cheers.

it’s a good suggestion. Thanks!

Glad it’s helpful. Any conversion tool experience or recommendation? I"ll stop now. :slight_smile:

I a not a mac user. maybe this


You actually don’t need a tool; MacOS Finder will do the trick:

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