Import from MemoMaster

What I’m trying to do

I want to import my data from MemoMaster. With Memomaster I have the option to export my date to windows-directories and files, the files could be: .pdf, …txt, .rtf, .htm, .doc, .docx
I just have textfiles therefore it should be easy to integrate to obisdian, the question is how?

Things I have tried

I exportet the directories and (as a first try) the .docx files to my obsidian fault. The good news, the directories are in obsidian :). But (of course) the .docx files are not seen, because there are no .md files. how can i handle this (we are talking about a couple of thousands .docx files (or other ones if that would be smarter) in a about 100 different directories.

Is there a workaround, for example a tool which would just make my .docx files to .md files and save it to the right directory autmatically?
Any other better solution for this?

If you don’t have formatting you want to keep, export to .txt and then change the filename extension from .txt to .md.

If have formatting you want to keep, export to .htm and find an app to convert them to .md. (It’s possible to convert docx to md but HTML is closer and more widely supported for conversion.) I’m sorry I can’t recommend a conversion app; my notes were already .txt so I just had to rename them. The only one I remember is pandoc, which is a command-line tool and thus not very friendly.

(Instead of converting with an app you could open them one by one, copy the contents, and paste to Obsidian which by default will translate pasted HTML to Markdown, but that will be annoying if you have many files.)

Thank you I tried from .htm to .md it was quite annoying, lot of not useful links and still some css code were there. Therefore i used .txt which is also annoying because all the formatting (especially the new lines) is gone. So i have no real good solution but at least something :frowning:

You can try searching for an app that will convert docx to md. I’d start with pandoc — if it doesn’t do that conversion, probably nothing else will, either. If it does, you can search for a friendlier app.

yeah i did it with pandoc (all files, .txt was the only one where i didnt got out garbage). Thanks for the information that pandoc is the best. In this case i wont do more research on it.

Another thing i exported as an html and installed a obsidian plugin, then i could read all the stuff and it was perfectly formated (only thing was that the color was lighter, which has probably to do with the plugin). Therefore it should be easy to convert it to .md for obsidian, but right now i found no plugin for it. as far as i got it, is it just a html-reader, but i dont have the possibilities i would have with an .md file. The obsidian-plugin was called “HTML Reader”

That plugin probably isn’t converting to Markdown. Obsidian can already render HTML, it just doesn’t open HTML files by default.

Part of the problem is that HTML is more complex than Markdown and it can be hard to judge what to preserve. I would definitely like a converter that erred more on the side of discarding HTML that can’t be translated. It’s possible pandoc has a setting for that — it has a lot of options.

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