Import from Craft to Obsidian

Hello everyone,

I am new to this community and looking for some help on importing .md files.

I’ve fell into the rabbit hole that is PKM and now I’ve realised the value, I am hooked and want to go all in on Obsidian. I started out with Craft ( and have got a few hundred documents in my space which are backlinked together.
Craft has a useful .md export feature which then enables me to import into Obsidian - my challenge is that I lose all of my backlinks by doing so.

As an example, .md export from Craft will show a backlink as:
[Link Name](craftdocs://open?blockId=‘etc etc etc’)

Has anyone already solved this challenge of being able to get these .md files into Obsidian in a way which will display my links as [[Link Name]]? Or do I have do this manually?

Any help is much appreciated.


That should be fairly simple with regex search and replace in e.g. VSCode.

Let me know if you need help with the regex.

Thanks a lot for the guidance.

If you wouldn’t mind helping with the regex, that would be great (it’s new to me).
If the text string starts with ‘(craftdocs://’ and ends with ‘)’, how would the regex be written?




replace: [$1]

That should do the trick.

Thank you! It did the trick!

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