Import/Export settings

Use case or problem

I use Obsidian with multiple vaults and multiple computers. I have customized many Obsidian hotkeys and I also use several plugins, but keeping all these settings in sync between vaults and computers is error prone and time-consuming.

Proposed solution

All these solutions are complementary, not mutually exclusive:

  1. Add Import/Export settings buttons that generate/accept a file with all the options specified in the Settings panels (ideally including enabled/disabled plugins, but if this is too hard just hotkeys would be great). This would also help me keep my settings backed up in the same folder where I have settings files for other apps (e.g. iTerm, Visual Studio Code).

  2. Make Obsidian Sync optionally synchronize settings across computers.

  3. (Most important long-term imo) Differentiate between Vault-specific and App-wide settings and make hotkeys App-wide. I don’t think letting people set different hotkeys for different vaults is a good idea because of how muscle-memory works and for consistency with other apps (I have never seen an app where hotkeys are not shared between “documents” (“Vaults” in Obsidian’s case).

  4. Set default hotkeys for most commonly-used actions (e.g. split vertically, horizontally, etc). I already suggested this before because of all its advantages (least work for users, consistent with other apps, etc).

Current workaround (optional)

Ideal workaround: Every time you change a hotkey or setting, get out of the note-taking flow and think of all the vaults you have over all the computers and either change them all or take a note to do it later which never happens).

When the first workaround doesn’t work (because I forget to apply the change): use menus or icons to do certain operations when I press the hotkey and this time it doesn’t work because it’s the wrong vault and get frustrated.