Import AND insert reference using zotero integration in one go

I highly appreciate the plugin but there is something I can’t figure out how to do.

In my current workflow I have to use 3 steps when I write text and want to insert a reference from zotero :

(1) I first run the command to import the reference which brings up the zotero search bar → I find the article(s) of interest → articles are imported to obsidian using my custom template.
(2) I then have to run the command pallett again to insert the reference (pandoc) into the text → again I get the search bar in zotero → I search and select the same reference(s) → the pandoc reference is inserted into the text (with a single bracket).
(3) I add another around the reference to make it a link to the reference which i imported in step (1).

Is there a way to combine these 3 steps so that when I search for one or more articles in zotero the references are imported and cited directly in the text with link to the imported reference?

Thank you in advance for any help!

  • Kristian

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