Import and Export vault settings

I frequently find myself opening folders as vaults in Obsidian.
I was creating notes out of Chris-Bailey’s Hyperfocus and I realised that the graph view make more sense when it focused and localised.

To do that I found myself

  1. Creating all the notes of that book in a separate folder
  2. Opening the folder as a separate vault.

But when I do that the shortcuts and my customised theme is lost. Sure I can regain the theme by using my CSS file.

But what about the hotkeys?


It’s not a perfect solution but you could copy the hotkey section out of .obsidian/config in the main vault folder. You may even be able to just copy the entire config over, I haven’t really tested that though.

would love this feature!

I was able to export the entire Vault configuration copying two directories from an existent Vault: .obsidian and Templates.

I was quite happy to see everything working smoothly, even the community plugins came along with this method.