Implementing Underline Menu Access Keys for Obsidian Context Menus

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Use case or problem

“Keybinding” is another term that may be used to designate this Feature.

I would like to launch / execute Context Menu items via Underline Menu Access Keys (by pressing a letter key on the keyboard. That letter corresponding to the One letter of a Context Menu item that is underlined).

Eg: After Right-Clicking on a Folder and having the Context Menu appear, the Underline Access Key of the “New Folder” Menu item could be the “F” (“F” being underlined), where by pressing the “F” Key, the function of creating a new folder would be initiated.

Proposed solution

  • I can imagine a scenario where there could be “baseline” default Underline Access Keys defined for Menu items for a Typical Obsidian installation.
  • There could also be an option to customize and redefine each Underline Access Key, as per User Preference.
  • The User could assign Underline Access Keys to Menu items that don’t initially have Underline Access Keys.
  • If the User were to define a duplicate Underline Access Key (an already existing and defined Underline Access Key) as another Menu item, within the same “Menu Level”, Obsidian could inform the user of this duplicate. The notification could resemble something akin to the notification that is given for Duplicate Hotkeys.
  • The customization of Underline Access Keys could be accessible via a Settings Menu Section, just below the “Hotkeys” Section.
  • In the case where the Feature of Customizing Underline Access Keys is not deemed as a valid Feature to implement, there could still be a Section within the Obsidian Settings Menu, listing out all the Underline Menu Access Keys, grouped by each Menu “Group” / “Level”.

Thank you for considering this Suggestion.

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This is very good idea. This is called ‘mnemonics’ and it’s a convenient way to access the menu.