Implement the Mica Effect in titlebar, for better visual hierarchy

Use case or problem

On Windows 11 when working with 2 windows, it is often hard and/or visually tiring to discern if Obsidian’s windows is active or in focus or not, as only the maximize and close button mute their colors when windows in innactive.

Proposed Solution

Windows 11 22H2 update added Mica to Desktop Window Manager (DWM) with a new variable DWM_SYSTEMBACKDROP_TYPE, allowing developers to enable Mica in their traditional Win32 apps. Recently yhis allowed developers to enable Mica in Chrome’s 115 title bar, now available in the stable release.

Now that it is possible, Obsidian’s developers should try to implement Mica in Obsidian as well.

Please search before posting.

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