Implement Saved Search concept

I suggest implementing Saved Search concept: a powerfull way to filter notes list.
Implementation options:

  • Saved searches may be launched by keyboard hotkeys (say, Cmd+1…Cmd+9)
  • There may be a special pane next to Backlinks and Tags where clickable Saved Searches resides.
  • There may be a special syntax to link to Saved Search from inside of the note (say, :[[name of the Saved Search]])

This is a must have feature for a “brain” type note taking app. Say what you want about evernote, but I loved their search/saved search implementation:

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History of searches as a scrollable popup is a common solution in other apps.


This feature will be incredibly powerful. I’m currently using The Archive, and it’s their saved search feature that enables me to seamlessly run my zettelkasten, task management system, and daily journal in the same folder. I have a series of icons down the left hand side of the screen that instantly take me to not only what I do want to look for, but also what I want to exclude.
This is one of my more complex searches in The Archive, which I’d love to be able to do in Obsidian:

"qq " !dq !qq` !“qq Buy” ![tickler] @work ![buy !@waiting

It shows me all my current Work tasks, while excluding items on my purchase list, and items waiting for external input.


Making search a first class citizen in the UI concept could greatly improve productivity, which especially includes saved searches.


this is implemented. moving to archive.


@WhiteNoise: Saved search is implemented? In which Obsidian build exactly?

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0.8, use the star plugin.


Got it! Thanks!

Can we give a name to the searches? I just found out I can do this, but I’ll forget what the regex searches do the next day


search\open a feature request about that

Couldn’t find anything, so here it is:


If anyone is interested, there is a new related feature request for adding a “Saved Search Star” to the Search Panel here.

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