Implement a shortcut for HTML-style comments (<!-- comment -->)

Right now the “toggle comment” shortcut only adds %%%% style comments, which are incompatible with most other markdown editors I’m aware of, and are not compatible with the markdown processor I’m using to generate html for my website.

It would be very useful to have an option to use the standard HTML-style comments instead.

Having a shortcut for that would make a big difference, because when you need to use comments often (as I do), typing them every time is a pain in the ass.


I second this request. HTML-style comments are widely supported in other markdown editors and tools whereas Obsidian’s %%%%-style comments are pretty exotic.

I think it would probably be best to not implement HTML comments as a separate command but to include a setting for choosing between the two styles (e.g., like the “Use [[Wikilinks]]” setting). I would be happy with either solution though.

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Thats very important for me too

You can create a template snippet for HTML comments and then the snippet is only a quick keystroke or two away.

If you’re on macOS / iOS, you can also use system-wide text replacements as they work in Obsidian.