Impact of snippets vs features in a theme on performance

I have a general question, which I don’t really know how to find an answer to.

Storing informations about some elements styling and behaviour in a CSS snippet is the same as having those informations in the theme?

I heavily customised appearance and a some behaviours of some elements in my vault, and I notice a little stuttering sometimes. I was wondering if transferring the informations stored in snippets directly to the main theme is something that can make performance better.

I would like opinions on possible racing conditions or interference myself. Using an elaborate theme with not too many snippets.

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Snippets alone allow a high degree of customization, but if you load many snippets and theses modify similar parameters or overlap somehow, then these snippets won’t apply, but conflict and eventually, cause errors. Also, older code may be obsolete and may cause errors if you download always the latest version of Obsidian.

A theme balances rules so parameters work well together, side by side. Basically, a theme is a natural evolution of a collection of snippets, but follows particular design choices and improves the overall code to prevent conflicts.

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