Img file naming

Use case or problem

Natural language naming of image, and other files

Proposed solution

There are times I upload images with useful information like tables and charts (etc.) and also pictures of key news figures (since so many of my notes are related to research) into my notes. Obsidian creates a generic image name with a Zettlekasten style nomenclature. The problem is, if I wanted to refer to those images in another note later on, there is no way to find them in the folder view or by typing in a new image markdown in the note itself. This would help to reuse the same item in future notes, provide an extra touchpoint for linking notes, and reduce redundant files that can load up the workspace.

Current workaround (optional)

For now, I must go into the files folder I created to change the name immediately or I need look at each image if I haven’t renamed it so I can "try to remember that dang image I uploaded the other day.

This plugin might works