IME state setting in vim mode

Hi, I have a request for vim mode.

Use case or problem

When I am using Obsidia’s vim mode…

  • When I switch to insert mode, I want it to remember the previous IME state.
  • When I switch back to normal mode, I want it to ignore the IME state.

I am a Japanese user, and I am too lazy to press the IME switch key (半角/全角キー) every time I switch back to insert or normal.

Proposed solution

I think a setting like the one in VSCode would solve this problem.


Have you tried GitHub - ALONELUR/vim-im-select-obsidian: Obsidian plugin: vim im select ?

I was able to get the IME to behave as I expect it to.

Here’s another one btw GitHub - yuanotes/obsidian-vim-im-switch-plugin

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