Images that have non-latin naming don't render in Ubuntu

If I have an image that is named like: pastedimage_22345 everything renders correctly.
If I have an image that is named like: ГрафикГипербола1 then my Image doesn’t render in obsidian. But I still can see it if I open it in an image viewer. I have the same images on my Windows PC and there everything is fine.

  1. In my path there aren’t any non-latin named folders. Everything consists of english-single-word folders.
  2. If I rename a file into latin characters - after reloading my image renders perfectly (I can repeat this for all 200 images but it’s going to be a hassle because on top of that I will get a git push error and my links will not be updated on the Windows PC)

Maybe the same?

As always, in the heat of the moment I forgot the easiest thing: reinstalling. The appimage version works!

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