Images not showing in editing mode

In the latest version of Obsidian (1.3.5) whenever I paste in or drag in an image it shows the markdown code just fine, but doesn’t actually show the image. Only when I switch over to the read mode does the image show up. I do have Live Preview enabled in the Default Editing mode and this behavior didn’t exhibit in 1.3.4 as I use Obsidian daily. I didn’t see any mention of a behavior change with this, so I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thank you!

UPDATE: I noticed that this behavior typically manifests itself when the image is in a bulleted list. If I have the markdown code on a line by itself it works just fine. And, actually it only manifests itself in a specific situation of a bullet list. Only when you have the list item contain multiple lines does this happen:


When the image markdown code is on it’s own line it works just fine:

The first example shows test line in a mono-spaced font indicating that it’s in a code block, and further more that the embed image link is also within that code block.

In other words, due to the indentation of more than four spaces, both the line and the image link are considered to be contents of a code block, and not “normal” text. Therefore the link doesn’t show the image.

And this could very well work in reading, and not in live-preview due to the usage of different markdown rendering engines.

@holroy, thank you for the reply. I didn’t realize that an implicit code block gets created after multi-line entries get added from within a list item. This behavior must be new because I didn’t have this issue in previous versions.

Any time you get more than 4 spaces, it’ll turn into code blocks. This has been like that for quite some time, but most people don’t recognise this as they don’t have multiple paragraphs (or similar) within list context. But it’s not new behaviour.

Ah, I think I know what it is. It’s that extra newline after the “Test2” list item which was causing the issue. If I get rid of that it works as expected. Sorry for the trouble.

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