Images in Publish

Things I have tried

Searched the help pages, but to no avail. Tried re-adding the image several times.

What I’m trying to do

I want a jpg image that is visible in Obsidian (and that is stored in the same folder as the note it appears in) to be exported together with the note, and appear on the published site.

Hi, @VanderG.

I’m not a Publish user, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to help you. But if you shared the link to the note, I could at least try.

Curious if this has been resolved, as I’m trying to do the same thing as OP

Figured it out; need to publish the folder with the image files in it (an obvious oversight). Hope this helps for others facing the same simple issue.

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@ sanfender Excellent that works…

Since I don’t want my full attachment folder published I created a sub folder inside my Attachment folder with images I like to publish (I’m only publishing a project I’m working on now)…
Good news is that works well… just need to unpublish your pages first then republish and images appear :slight_smile:

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