Images from Anki to Obsidian (switching from Anki to Obsidian with a lot of images)


For the past 6 months I’ve been using Anki, but recently my flashcards got longer and longer until I realised that I’m actually using Anki as a note taking app.

I would like to switch from Anki to Obsidian. The problem is that I take many screenshots and some of my notes are mostly images (I have nearly 2000 images in %appdata%/Anki2/ folder distributed over around 1000 Anki flashcards).

What’s the problem

I’d like to switch from Anki to Obsidian, but when I copy whole flashcard from the preview mode and paste it into Obsidian, only text is pasted and images are not:

  1. That’s how the flashcard looks in Anki:

  2. I select and copy it:

  3. I paste it to Obsidian and there is no image:

Whereas when I paste to Word it works great:

What I also tried

I tried copying and pasting Anki note as an html:

  1. I copied this:

  2. And I pasted it into obsidian:

    In console I get this error:

I really hope there is a solution to this problem. If not, I think I will just stick to Anki.

Okay, I think I found the solution. Using this Anki add-on I can print whole deck to html. Then I copy and paste it to Obsidian. It looks like this:

Now I can copy all images from %appdata%/Anki2/ folder and all images will load!

By the way I like how notes remain well formatted after being pasted, for example:

And you can do it on any level of granulation you want. For example I can print all cards to one html file and then copy and paste it to Obsidian with formatting and with all images in one step! I think it’s a nice way to switch from Anki to Obsidian, but please let me know if you came across something better.

What is the best way to autonomously transfer Obsidian notes to Anki? Is it still obsidian_to_anki plugin? I need something that support using a lot of images, but I haven’t done the research yet.

And for people from the future:
I advise you to print cards to html in order you created them, so that they look like actual notes instead of cards pasted in random order:

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