Images Disappearing on Scroll in Live Preview

When I have several photos in a row and live preview enabled, I experience a delay in photos showing up when I scroll down and back up. I noticed that this only occurs when I have “readable line length” disabled in the general obsidian settings. I created newer vaults and tested with different themes from the community store, and I am still experiencing the issue regardless of any other settings, plugins, or snippets enabled and disabled.

If anyone has any other suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Another thing is that the issue is easiest to replicate with readable line length disabled and with the cursor on the last line of the page or after the series of photos.

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Came here to report the same thing. The delay is very high and make it unusable. I tested disabling “Readable Line Length” as you suggested and it seems to have worked, but I’m not sure if disabling this will impact the experience in other ways.

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