Images are not being displayed

Hello all,
I have used typora before to create my notes but when I switch to Obsidian, It is not showing Images.

let, I have this HTML code block inside my markdown file

<img src="data.assets/demo.jpg" style="zoom:80%;" />

It is not working in Obsidian but fine inside Typora.
This is the file structure.

My Observations

  • I think, Obsidian forces its users to put all supported files inside configured attachment folder, so it is not working
  • But In Typora, we can put our assets inside any directory, but we have to put correct relative path.
  • Please, allow us to use relative path to assets


This is not a bug and we don’t support this.
There are several ways you can achieve this is
![[data.assetts/demo.jpg]] or with markdown links ![image](data.assetts/demo.jpg)

Please add support for it,
I have a lot of markdown files written using Typora,
It is not practical for me to re-write all these images code in Markdown.


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