Image won't work if it is in any folder

Hello, I’m starting to get into and wanted to put some images in my notes.
I notice that when I put image as it self in no folder it works perfectly

But when the image is in any folder it’s stop working

The plugins I have currently is:

Calendar | Dataview | Day Planner | Emoji Toolbar | Kaban | Natural Language Dates | Personal Assistant | QuickAdd | Style Setting | Tasks | Templater

Screenshot from 2023-07-18 12-58-38

I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
I installed Obsidian using snap

I’ve tried disable all community plugins using the default theme but it still behave the same way


I know nothing about Ubuntu.

It should work, but the following might be relevant:

Does it work if the folder does not include an emoji in its name?

What versions of Obsidian and the installer are you using?

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Hello, thanks for your suggestion! I think I figure it out it’s just the snap store sucks, and by using the .appimage everything works perfectly

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uninstall the snap version, and try .deb or appimage version, go to the link:

scroll down and you can see the Linux category, download either Deb or AppImage, good luck


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