Image thumbnail hover too small, and image links

I want to use obsidian as an offline dynalist. Hover image on dynalist is really nice however it takes 5 or more seconds for the image to show and the image isnt offline.
I take notes on videos and some parts I screenshot cause of the complex images. I paste them into obsidian and it pastes with a loooooong name. Is there a feature where I predefine some name or right after I paste it, I can name it without selecting or clicking anything? When I hover over the image, I want to see the FULL image or a bit smaller. Thumbnail is unusable. This is critical. Making this link: [[Pasted image 20210315162734.png]] is just bad. Long name. I dont need to know that its a pasted image. Long numbers. Constantly trying to edit that? Too much work. When you want to use an image as only a link, its annoying as you have to go back and forth. Also the image doesnt open in its full size in the next screen. You have to close the panes. Reading the notes and have the image pop up right then and there is smooth and doesnt get you jumping places. Only when you open the image in the default app do you see it in full.

Also is it possible to edit in preview mode? Probably not.

EDIT: Can you just make the pasted image a superscript at the end of the word?

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