Image is not showing up correctly in Obsidian, but works fine with Visual Studio Code

What I’m trying to do

I want my images in my .md notes to show up correctly in Obsidian.

Here is a section of my .md note containing the image link:

# Overview

Django uses a "MVT" architecture, Model, View, Template. It handles incoming HTTP requests like this:


* URLs maps each incoming URL pattern to a view function

* Views handles the HTTP request received (read/write data, running algorithms, sending response etc.)

Here is how it is rendered in VS Code preview:

Here is how it is rendered in Obsidian:

As you can see Obsidian cannot seems to detect the image correctly, but VS Code is able to do so.

This is my folder structures for this note:

|  /.resources/
|  |  /django-note-pics/
|  |  |  basic-django.png
|- Django

Things I have tried

  • Clicked the “Click to create” link in Obsidian. It then shows me a prompt saying “Folder already exists”

  • Checked Settings > Files & Links:

    • Default location for new attachments is “Same folder as current file”
    • New Link format is “Relative path to file” I tried the other options but it doesn’t seems to change anything
    • Default location for new notes is “Vault folder”

I’m not sure if I am missing a setting or maybe it’s a bug with Obsidian itself? Help will be appreciated.

There are two things I would try:

  • change to forward slashes, /
  • try changing the first folder to _resources, instead of a hidden folder with . as the first character

Do either of those tips help you out?

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