Image Files Automatically Deleted ... Sync Issue?

Hi all.

Been using Obsidian Sync for my Doctorate.

Image files have been repeatedly auto-deleted from my assets folder this week–around 20 at a time every 8 hours or so. Makes the program unusable for my purposes.

Notes with deleted images show this message:
<image.png> is not created yet. Click to create.

I’ve bulk restored these several times from the Sync page, but the issue remains.

I’d love to stick with Obsidian, but this is a serious reliability issue for me.

I have no community plugins installed and no excluded sync folders.

Would greatly appreciate any insight!

It sounds like a Sync config issue. Did you enable syncing Images on all devices you’re using with Sync? (Sync doesn’t sync Sync’s settings.)

Otherwise, is it possible you’re keeping these files in a directory synced by another syncing service?

Finally, what’s the sync log saying on each device? Go to Preferences → Sync → Sync Activity → View button, then select “Copy Sync Log.”

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Thanks for your response. Have the app installed on my MacPro, iMac, iPhone and tablet. Went ahead and turned all the sync functions on but the problem remains. Seems to be the same set of images getting deleted each time. Nothing seems out of the ordinary with the log.

Well, that’s weird. At least it means it isn’t a sync problem.

What other apps/services are interacting with these files?

I can’t tell by your answer if you answered the same question that Ryan was actually asking.

Where do you store your vault? What is the file path on your Mac computers? Make extremely sure it isn’t stored in an iCloud folder or any other 3rd party cloud service (Dropbox, OneNote, Google Drive, SyncThing, etc. etc.). If Obsidian Sync and iCloud are fighting each other, that would be a strong explanation why this is happening.


That was it! Vault was stored in my iCloud on one of the devices. Thanks for your time.


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