Image file best practice for long term?

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What I’m trying to do

What I’m trying to do - I’m currently leveraging Obsidian for all my note-taking and knowledge management needs, which has been incredibly beneficial so far. However, I have some concerns regarding the FUTURE SCALABILITY of my vault. Given that it’s populated with a considerable number of PNGs and other images, I’m apprehensive about potential issues down the line - like it becoming unwieldy or experiencing slowdowns. I’m on the lookout for best practices when it comes to managing large vaults filled with numerous images. Any insights on file management, linking strategies, or plugins that could be of assistance would be immensely valuable.

Things I have tried

I’ve conducted searches on the forum using terms such as “large vaults”, “image management”, and “performance”, yet the discussions I stumbled upon didn’t quite hit the mark in addressing my concerns.

V Grateful for any help!!

In terms of storage space, you might want to run your images through ImageOptim.

In terms of which formats are most future-proof, I couldn’t really say, but I doubt that JPGs and PNGs will ever become totally phased out or unreadable.