Image embed syntax: logseq vs. Obsidian


I’m currently trying to get logseq and Obsidian to work together. Actually, this already works quite well out of the box. However, there is one big problem: image embeds.

logseq embeds images like this:

Obsidian however embeds images like this:

Both styles work fine in Obsidian: In preview mode, I can see both images. Logseq however struggles with Obsidian’s syntax and doesn’t render the images. And as far as I understand, logseq’s syntax is closer to the official Markdown syntax.

I know that this is actually something that could be fixed on logseq’s side. But I haven’t heard back from the developers both on Discord and on the forums so I hope that there might be a way to solve this problem from Obsidian’s side.

Is it possible to change the image embed syntax in Obsidian?

I have experimented with “New link format” in Settings → Files & Links, but all three settings don’t seem to bring the desired effect.

I really hope that the Obsidian community is more helpful here than the logseq one. :frowning:


If you untoggle Use Wikilinks the markdown style links should be used instead. Are you saying that doesn’t work?


I don’t know how I couldn’t see that option.:see_no_evil:
I was so focused on the New link format option that I didn’t really consider the Use [[Wikilinks]]. Thanks for hinting me at it!

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