Image editing like Word

Is there a way with a plugin or a theme to edit images like google docs or Word:
it would be really usefull even only the possibility to resize it more easilly like this:

Or it is impossible with markdown documents?

I don’t think this is possible with any of the current flavours of markdown. It’s possible if you use html markup in your notes but that’s usually best avoided if you want the note to be readable outside of obsidian. Not that html markup is too bad, unless there is a lot of it.

This plugin will let you do the resize part:


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Do you know some html markup because i only know the center, left and right once

Really cool thanks

I would love if something like this would be possible as well. Could this be moved into feature requests, so the people developping Obsidian might have a look it? I think there are many people who would like to have this feature.

That’s it basically and there won’t be any text wrap around features without using div tags etc.

This is not going to happen because is far beyond what markdown can do.

You can place images and videos with some themes, but unlike ms word, you’ll need to add keywords to place images in fixed positions, like right / center.

Take a look at the readme and documentation of some popular themes. I’m the creator of Dune, if you’re interested to have some control over image placement.

Ok, I almost thought so.

Really cool customization

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I don’t think there is such an option, although try to place your images and videos with particular themes, the difference when it comes to ms Word is the keywords, they will allow you to place the image according to a specific position (up, down, right or left, etc).

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