Image compression

Hello guys, can you please tell me a plugin that, when adding images, will compress them and convert them to a lighter format?

Why doesn’t the photo plugin work for me, it says there are no images, what did I do wrong?

Not a user of said plugin (yet), but I’m guessing the plugin expects the image dragged into or to be pasted in the editor, not on the canvas?
Remember what we talked about in the other thread?
Otherwise go to the GH issues page of the plugin and ask for support for your use case.

So the plugin should support canvas? (Ask the developer about this)
Did I understand you correctly?

Hey, currently Image Converter will not compress images dropped into Canvas - although I will try look into it :raised_hands:

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It would be very cool if you added this feature!

Maybe there is a similar plugin?

When it comes to optimizing images for your website, finding the right plugin can make a big difference.
One fantastic option to consider is this compress image tool. This versatile tool not only compresses images but also converts them to lighter formats, helping to reduce file sizes and improve website performance.
With this plugin, you can seamlessly integrate image optimization into your content creation workflow. Simply upload your images as usual, and the plugin will automatically compress them to ensure they load quickly and efficiently on your website.

Hey hi, for plugin you can use IrfanView PlugIns and online application such as It compress images without losing their quality.

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