I'm Looking For A Kindle & Readwise Alternative

Hey folks!

I want a system where I make a highlight in a book I’m reading and the content will be synced within my Obsidian similarly to how the hypothes.is plugin works.

I’m looking for an alternative to both Readwise and Kindle. I don’t think Readwise’s price is justified and I can’t transfer my converted KFX files into my kindle app.

I have some experience coding/automation and don’t mind a “hacky” setup and I prefer mobile if possible


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I don’t have a solution for auto-syncing, but of the e-reading apps I’ve tried on iOS that were tolerable, Yomu has by far the best export for highlights, with plain text and Markdown options. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a Shortcuts action to trigger the export, but if you can live with manual exporting you could make a shortcut to handle the rest.

My Android knowledge is out of date. Lithium was (hopefully still is) a great e-reader app, but I don’t remember what its highlight support looked like.

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I’ll check out the andriod app, thanks!

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