Im having some insane memory usage/memory leak in Obsidian

So just a couple of days ago my obsidian began to start using an insane amount of memory. I don’t remember changing anything and right now currently idling with no notes open it is using 5,244 MB of ram. It was slowing down to a point where it was unusable last night. I’ve been really enjoying using obsidian and don’t wanna switch but something is going on

I had 6 extensions downloaded but i turned them off in the hopes of helping whatever this memory issue is.

I’m on windows 11

Also specify the version of Obsidian you are using.

  • Make sure indeed to disable all community plugins, but also shut down and restart your machine to see whether the issue returns.
  • It could be (and the chance is relatively hight) an issue with something in your vault, perhaps with the configuration. To test, you could 1) close Obsidain 2) make a copy of your vault folder for backup, then 3) in your vault, delete the “.obsidian” folder. On reloading, that configuration data will be recreated. Your plugins are also gone this way. See whether, with such fresh configuration, if the issue returns.
  • If it still does, then there could be an issue with data in your vault. Selectively moving out data until the issue stops is than the tedious way to look for the issue.
  • If, after testing all this, an issue remains, then it still could be an issue with your computer. If it is an issue with the Obsidian code, then likely it would be (or at least become) more frequently reported.

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