Ignore YAML in viewer

Some other apps create markdown files with YAML headers.
These show up as large headers in the viewer mode.

I read on Discord that you are thinking about supporting YAML tags in the future, but for now, it would be great to have the option just to hide the whole thing from the viewer.



In some markdown apps the syntax for YAML matter in Edit mode is, if used, to be put at the top of the note as follows:

YAML text

It is not shown in Preview/Read mode.

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Maybe phase one is to hide them. Maybe Phase two is to parse and show the values in specific info panel with editing/adding/removing capabilities.


I was just coming here to suggest this very thing… have a plugin maybe that provides a “side pane” that will display (and in the future provide a nice interface to edit) parsed YAML… if you don’t want to see it, turn it off. If you want to just see it as part of the note, so be it (thus you could handle some kind of non-standard header).


Yes it would fit well into an info/meta side panel (similar to Devonthink’s info panel).


I would like this, currently it is very annoying displayed in preview although in the editor it is fine.


If OP means Page Preview Plugin, I second this.

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I also second this. The phase one, hiding YAML header is a good enough start… Phase two, parsing the YAML and showing it in a side panel would be awesome…


Another phased approach idea:

Phase 1: Wrap the YAML or other metadata preview text in a DIV that we can manage it with custom CSS. (a.k.a., make it our problem and see what we do with it)
Phase 2: Make that DIV a collapsible panel or other foldable-element.
Phase 3: Give users a setting to open/collapse metadata elements by default.
Phase 4: Do other useful things with YAML. Basic metadata support would give users a handful of other recommendations that I have seen for free.

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this is implemented

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