Ignore folders and files with `Permission denied`

Use case or problem

My documents contains some folders that can’t be read from my users. It would be nice if obsidian would just ignore those files.

The reason I have those files in my vault is the following :

  • I moved all of my projects documents in obsidian. This includes my dev projects.
  • For some dev projects, I use docker volumes with relative paths (to mount config files for exemple)
  • The owner of those files/folders is root

Proposed solution

  • Skip files with permission issues
  • Skip files inside folders with a .obsidianignore file

Current workaround (optional)

Had to delete those folder, but I am not actively developing at the moment. If I really needed to keep them, I would have chmod 666, but this might not be a correct workaround for all files.

Related feature requests (optional)

EDIT : Add proposed solution

I get the config to ingnore files/folder FR.

I am not sure I understand your request. If it’s a matter of FS permissions, if obsidian can read the files whoever can open obsidian can read the files.

The current issue is that if obsidian can’t open some files in the vault, obsidian won’t open at all
Also, I forgot to write the proposed solution, this is edited

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