Ignore Accents/Diacritics on Quick Switcher and Internal Links

When using the Quick Switcher, as the name implies, you want to switch to another file fast. So when you have a language like in my case spanish, which has a lot of words with accents (probably half of my files have some word with accents in their name), it is very annoying to have to put the accent on the letter.
This is even more annoying on mobile, where you have to hold the key for a couple of seconds so the accent appears and you select it (in my case I also have to do this on desktop because for people in south america it is very common to buy macbooks on the US with english keyboards because of price, so it is terrible).

This same problem happens on the autocomplete when you are trying to create an internal link (wiki link) to another file. You are writing on the document and trying to do this fast, and when you have to link to another file, having to waste time doing the accent breaks your flow.

I know there are many many other people that find this very annoying, and this happens with other languages too.

There is a very popular and old post on this, but the request is about search, not the quick switcher or internal links, although there are many comments that also say they want to include them.
I don’t find this annoying on search, and also not sure if it would be a good idea, that is why I decided the create a new post to be more specific.
I think this is very necessary for the Quick Switcher and Internal Links, and I don’t think this could break other people’s workflows. At least give us an option on settings. This is by far the biggest annoying thing I have with Obsidian since day 1.
This is the other post: Ignore accents/diacritics in search

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