Ignore accents/diacritics in search

+1 . Any updates on this request?

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Why on earth this isn’t implemented yet? Seriously.

Such an easy thing to add will make software so much better. It’s insufferable to type in every search box in this state. One must always change the titles of every note or make two search queries for everything. Searching musica doesn’t trigger música, come on, it’s unquestionable for a note taking app of this callibre.

It seems a bad joke, this function is present in every other note taking/text processing software since decades, and Obsidian, having so many updates regularly, still lacks it!
I don’t know why, really.

Please consider to implement this, please.

Thank you.

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In fact, among all the software I’ve ever used, Obsidian is the very first that I know it doesn’t have this common-sense feature.

Thank you.

Because, you know, just scan the feature requests category in this forum, check out the roadmap and the changelog?

+1! Would be much appreciated indeed!

+1 not only for Search but for the Quick Switcher as well (e.g. currently Command+O and typing “noel” doesn’t find “Noël”). Could be a preferences setting.


1+ for this feature please!

+1 my current workaround is to add words without diacritics at the end of the file name, can you imagine having all your notes named “Idées idees”, “Opération operation”? Please make this a priority. The thread was opened THREE YEARS ago and this should be pretty straightforward to implement!



Current workaround:
I am french so many of my note would have french accentuated characters is the title and content. For now my workaround which work for titles only is to make use of new properties feature and to create aliases for my notes without accents. This is time consuming and not relevant in a workflow but it works for my use case.

Title: Bioénergies
Alias: Bioenergies

Just in case, an easier work around instead of putting them on the title is to use aliases.
For example in a note about “garantias” y add the alias “garantia”

That way you don’t ruin your titles, it’s still extremely tedious because when I want to cite the page it will usually use the invorrect version without the “á”, but it’s still better than putting on title

It’s absurd and a shame for a notes app to not have implemented something as basic as search not ignoring diacritical characters. It’s the minimum of the minimum.