If you use outputs as a note category

If you use “outputs” (or something similar) as a note category – your own papers, etc. that you’ve produced as a result of your notes – do you interlink these with the rest of the vault?

I have an “output” folder for all things I publish on a blog, a newsletter or a sermon. And yes, I link these to my other notes. Because the things I publish normally are results from my normal notes.

i have folders for types of output…

  • movie reviews
  • poetry
  • stories
  • papers


i do not link anything, anywhere.

I link everything, mostly, everywhere:)

  • except for the content in the final outputs; I wish their content to be untainted.
  • In recent months, I’ve started assigning tags and a “pertaining” list field in frontmatter for these outputs and am experimenting with placing links here. Time will tell… it has caused me to start using dataview tables again and that is awesome, fun, and distracting. Search is still my go-to finder and sifter.

Outputs reside in a final folder.

Drafts persist in a drafts folder with a property pair for version and dateLastEdited.

On the source side, I try to not change the content, especially if it is not mine.

Thanks for this question; it made me realize that it is important not to change the content of inputs and outputs (for my workflow and sanity). Each has a context.

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This is what I was wondering about. I link TO outputs. And I have tags and properties in those notes. But it feels wrong to “mark up” the actual content of a polished finished piece.

Totally agree and I am in the same situation. For me, many of my final outputs are transactional submissions to publications or class materials; so there is risk if I alter them.

See my post here on this topic: The remaining advantages of tags over properties in Obsidian - #22 by writtenfool

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