If you make changes in the remote vault (while using the Obsidian Sync), is it supposed to be reflected in the local vault?

I am using Obsydian sync and I can see my vault in my mobile. I made new notes in the mobile/remote vault and it is not being reflected in the local vault. Is the remote vault only for viewing the local vault and reflecting the changes made there?

Thank you.

What I’m trying to do

No, it’s a two-way sync. It should propagate fairly quickly. Did you save the file?

Thank you for your reply. Do I have to press a button to save it? I was assuming it gets saved automatically.

I’m actually not clear on the saving behavior. I just hit ⌘S to be sure. Anyway I need do that to trigger GitHub - platers/obsidian-linter: An Obsidian plugin that formats and styles your notes with a focus on configurability and extensibility. , which updates my YAML updated field. So I’m used to it.

And are you doing that on your mobile?

I still cannot see the notes I created on my remote vault on my desktop vault. Which is a pity, as that was the main reason I wanted to use Sync for.

Something’s wrong. You may want to contact Obsidian support for sync issues. Probably fastest would be to get on Discord and ask on the #obsidian-sync channel

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