If you install and enable templater should you then disable the core templates plugin?

As the title says. I’m wondering if it is best to disable the core Templates plugin if I am going to be using Templater.


You can use both. I do.

Just make sure their hotkeys are different, and you keep the Templates templates in one folder and Templater templates in another folder.


Is there any advantage to using both?

And is there any overlap in functionality between them?

I think most folks who get into Templater exclusively use that. I have a few Templates kicking around that I still use and haven’t bothered moving over to Templater templates yet (but probably will when I remember to do it).

People who use the Periodic Notes plugin will want Templates turned on iirc.

No overlap. The syntax used between the two is totally different.

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There is some overlap in functionality — Templater can do anything Templates does (using different syntax to do it), and a lot more.

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Ah yes, of course. Thanks for clarifying.

I was thinking in terms of working together or the syntax between the two.

As far as I understand, Templater don’t work in Canvas, but Templates does. Also Templates has this new ability to automatically merge properties, which Templater does not. I use Templates for this two cases, and Templater for everything else.

Templater is much more poverful, but unfortunately it didn’t update for a long time, an might not support some of the newer features. I personally use both and sometimes I even use them together (for some properties-related case I have a Templater template that runs script that calls out Templates template).


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