If this then that automation (trigger + quickadd macros)

Adding to quickadd function to manually execute macros via command palette, it would be nice if there was another plugin that listened to different types of triggers to automatically run the quickadd macros.

Some examples of triggers would be :

  • specific (line/paragraph/file/folder) modified, delete, edited
  • command is executed
  • metadata changed
  • task completed… etc

That sounds amazing. I’m also just hearing about quickadd right now and checking it out.

Another example of a potentially powerful trigger:

  • regex matching
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You’re right. In any case, I made a request to the reminder plugin to support executing commands when completing reminders. So maybe we will have a time and date trigger at least.

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Hi! Avid lurker here posting for the first time. I really want to make this idea happen and have been learning all I can about creating Obsidian plugins, but my skills are not yet up to the task of doing it alone. Rather than continuing to go it alone, I figured I’d post here and try to get some momentum going.

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Did you try asking in Discord (plugin-dev section) ? There are a lot of devs willing to help, I’m sure you’ll get what you need.

No, but I will give that a try!

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maybe this plugin might help https://github.com/farux/obsidian-auto-note-mover

The maintainer of shell commands plugin just released a new version with events, you should check it out @DarthPleurotus Events, part 1 · Issue #123 · Taitava/obsidian-shellcommands · GitHub

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