If math equation contains a newline , it cann't render

As the title says, I have to write all math equation in one line, it will render fine.

Sometime the math equation is very long, writting in one line is a little mess.

Hope Obsidian can support multi line editing in math eqation.

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Testing with the latest version on Windows, it does:

While it does not seem to recognize it as valid TeX code in the editing mode, it does render it properly according to this test.

You can always do a multi-line equation:

ax^2+bx+c&=0 \\

The $$ tells Obsidian that this is a multi-line equation. The \\ basically just represents a newline. Since it’s quite helpful, the \begin{align*} and \end{align*} will align everything containing a &, like &=, which will align the equal signs.

Hope this helps.

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That helps , Thanks

You’re welcome!

It may be that my understanding of math formula input is incorrect. Using $$ with \ can achieve multiple lines math equation.

I use a single $ to input multi-line math formulas on my computer, it cannot be rendered.

Thanks for reply.