If Cmd key is held down in between down click and up click, follow link action is triggered

Obsidian 0.14.6 - 0.14.6 installer

This is a relatively recent change because I just started noticing it and I’ve been doing it this way for a long time.

Something I do fairly often is replace links with updated links or correct the link text (in between the []'s)

So I usually copy the new data and the drag to select the part of the link I want to replace, and then paste with Cmd-V.

There’s been a recent change where, if I down click and start to drag with the mouse to select a portion of the text within the link to be replaced, if I press the Cmd key before releasing the left mouse button (in preparation for typing Cmd-V) Obsidian will follow/open the link which should not happen since the Cmd key modifier was not pressed on the down-click. This is contrary to standard OS behavior. Doesn’t happen in Chrome either or older versions of Obsidian.

I can’t reproduce.

Are you on a Mac? I’ll upload a video

Here’s a video of the repro. I slowed it down to 0.75x.

Specifically, at the 00:42 mark you can see that I start with a “normal” left click and only depress the ⌘ key midway through the drag (after mouse down).

  1. That’s not the sandbox vault
  2. I can’t reproduce it
  3. If it did happen, I am not sure I would consider a bug.

Let’s keep this open and wait for more data points.

Ok, here’s a repro in the sandbox.

You can see it clearly at 0:44 and 1:18