If clicking search results makes Obsidian freeze or act up

I have fixed the issue, but I’m writing this in case anyone else has the same or a similar problem in the future.

My problem was that I would try to use the Core plugin Search and the search queries would show page results in the search bar, but clicking on them would cause Obsidian to either freeze or bug out so that it would load pages with a blank format and Obsidian would become unusable until it was restarted.

I found out the cause was that some of the .json files in the hidden folder called .obsidian in my vault got copied by mistake, causing issues for Obsidian and breaking my search.

It could have happened because Obsidian was trying to sync using iCloud across different devices. Once I deleted the extra .json files and made sure there was only one of each, everything worked fine again.

Happy days.

Thanks for sharing! I changed the title to more clearly describe the post (was “Core Plugin - Search not working”) and moved it to Share & Showcase.

(Another approach for posts like this is to post the problem, add a reply containing the solution, and then mark the reply as the solution.)

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