Identifying CSS selectors

Is there a way to identify the selectors for each of the components to target with CSS? For example in Chrome you can right click and inspect any element.

It is getting tedious to have to scroll through everything in the inspector and try to find the element I am after so I am hoping there is something I am missing.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but have you turned on the Developer’s Tools (View > Toggle Developer’s Tools), and then on the new window, click on the left most icon to turn on element hover. Once you do that an hover over an element on the page you should see a popup with some information on it:


I’d add that Ctrl-F in Developer’s Tools, to search for some text adjacent to the target element, is quicker than scrolling, hovering and expanding through to it.

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I guess I should really explore the developer panel more. :grimacing:

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