Identify the community plugin in the 'Uninstall Plugin' confirmation message, to help avoid accidental plugin deletions

This is a minor request, but I’ve noted it a few times and thought it worth posting. I have searched for this and not found a similar request, apologies if I’ve missed anything

Confirmation message when removing plugins is vague, leaving potential for users to accidentally remove the wrong plugin.

When deleting/uninstalling a community plugin, a confirmation message pops up asking the user if they’re sure they want to remove the plugin.

Current Message

Every time I uninstall a plugin, I get worried I’ve accidentally clicked on the wrong one. I then close the message and do it again to be safe.

I know it’s silly, but I worry that I’ll remove a plugin I rely on.

Adjust the message so that it includes the plugin name

Including the name of the plugin in the message, perhaps in bold, would ensure the user can confirm which plugin they’re removing when actioning the confirmation request.

I recommend that it be adjusted to something like this:

Example change


It’s not silly at all! Good request.

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