Ideas for the tag sidebar

I use the tag system frequently. So far in using the core tag plugin, I have found a few inconveniences:
1, tag sidebar does not have a search function
2, documents without tags are not displayed
3, after clicking on the tag, it will immediately jump to the search sidebar. At this time, if you want to view another tag, you need to go back to the tag sidebar, very inconvenient. In contrast, file-explorer sidebar can directly view all documents in the folder.

I searched for tagfolder in the plugin center, but this plugin is a bit repetitive in displaying the list of documents with nested tags, as well as being too complicated to display if the document has multiple tags.

Ideally the tag sidebar should look like the following, is there a suitable plugin for this?


+1 for the search function. It would simplify housekeeping, when I want to consolidate tags with slightly different spellings.

  • Search should look like Search in the All Properties sidebar.
  • Search should behave like autocompletion of tags in the regular editor.

Current workaround: I use autocomplete in the editor to identify some spellings. Then I use the right-click option provided by Tag Wrangler to rename one of those spellings.

+1 for untagged!

I believe Tag Wrangler adds a search bar.

Tag Wrangler only adds a context menu. Tag Wrangler can pre-fill a query in the Search sidebar with a tag. But it doesn’t filter items in the Tags sidebar.

This is about consistency between two core plugins:

Ah, I’d read a brief mention of Wrangler’s feature and misunderstood it.

  • Core plugin Backlinks also has a search filter.