(idea) Implement a “days until” counter + embed them in the calendar

Implement a “days until” counter + embed it in the calendar. To do something like Google calendar, but to store it in my personal database in .md.
To create notes and in the Full Calendar plugin (you can suggest a better plugin for this) mount headers indicating the address of these notes. Then it will be possible to track important events on the main note of the repository with information about the upcoming important date. Like an alarm clock.
That is, write a block

- 🔖 Tagged:  favorite `$=dv.pages('#favorite').length` `$=dv.list(dv.pages('#favorite').sort(f=>f.file.name,"desc").limit(20).file.link)`

and using this method and Dataview

list from "home/dates"
	file.day.day = this.file.day.day
	and file.day.month = this.file.day.month

from here. Which parses notes like 2023-10-16 using an inline query (in this case, using the day.day data type from the home/dates folder) and when creating a note with this command you can see. This is how you need to see it



that is

how to apply here

so that eventually there are notifications here

information about an upcoming specific important date .md a link to which is written in the heading of a specific day in the calendar. (or something like that, I don’t know, help :slight_smile:)

up please

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